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The Idea Collider, a space curated by McCoy Rockford.

Colliders are used in physics as a research tool, accelerating particles for impact to study their behavior. Just like the objects in these intended collisions, ideas need a place where they can become energized, mingle with other concepts and collide to result in a greater outcome.

Idea Collider is more than a networking hub for Houston’s Health and Life Sciences innovators. It’s a space meant for sharing, connecting, collaborating and problem solving. It’s here to provide tools, spark innovation and create a community. Join us in the Idea Collider when your ideas need a place to flourish.

A Catalyst for the Creative Process

  • Challenges Norms & Inspires Ideation
  • Encourages Novel Ways of Thinking
  • Supports Open-Minded Collaboration


Stop by between meetings for a local place to work or prep or to simply recharge during the day.



Make introductions, schedule meetups and network with fellow Idea Colliders. Share presentations or demonstrations or engage in round table discussions.

Problem Solve

Problem Solve

Use the creative workspace to bounce ideas off a team or set up a think tank to gather input from those outside of a project. Access resources and test concepts or solutions.



Turn ideas into action. Launch products, create content and material and share the vision with stakeholders.

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